This Dude Ranch Seems Fishy…

What if you didn’t have to decide between a family vacation and an unforgettable fishing trip? What if you could get away, catch a few new trophies in a serene mountain setting, and unwind with dozens of other fun activities while keeping your kids happy?

The fishing available on and near our vacation ranches in Colorado might be one of the West’s best-kept secrets. In between the mountains, horses, and lodges families come to see, there are streams, rivers and lakes packed with fish.

If you’ve been dreaming of peaceful mornings spent with your rod and reel, here are a few things you should know about fishing on a Colorado dude ranch…

This Isn’t Your Normal Fishing Trip

While there are lots of places to fish, not many of them can compare to what you’ll find in western Colorado. For one thing, many of our dude ranches have access to private waters, meaning you’ll get your new favorite spot all to yourself. Many of our ranches also have dedicated fishing guides and equiptment at the ready for your use.

There’s Plenty to Catch in the Mountains

Out in our backcountry lakes and streams, you’ll find several varieties of trout, including rainbow trout, brook trout, and even the beautiful brown trout. Depending on how active you feel, you can fish from a boat, stand on the shores, or try your hand at fly fishing in streams or rivers. In fact, if you come for the ultimate Colorado fishing adventure, you might experiment with them all!

When They’re Not Biting, There’s Plenty More to do

Although you could come to a Colorado guest ranch just for the fishing, you can mix in other leisure activities – like swimming, trapshooting, and even golf or tennis – into your vacation. Or, let other family members enjoy their preferred activities while you get a peaceful day of fishing all to yourself. You’ll never have to worry about finding an activity that makes everyone happy.

It’s the Perfect Solutions for Teens, Dads, and Grandads

There’s nothing like the tradition of teaching a younger family members how to fish. But, it takes a lot to pull teens away from phones and video games. That’s why a fishing trip to a Colorado dude ranch is so perfect for dads, step dads, and granddads – it’s an easy and convenient way to share the experience of fishing, but also give younger kids the excitement of horseback riding or whitewater rafting in the same trip.

If you’ve been looking for your next fishing adventure, or trying to find a way to go someplace new to fish without giving up family time, a Colorado dude ranch could be the perfect answer. Click here now to see our properties and find the one that’s right for your vacation.


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