Is it Time to “Jump Ship” on Your Normal Vacation?

Are you cruising towards another ho-hum family vacation? Looking for a break that requires less in the way of packing and travel, and brings you more real adventure in return?

You might be surprised to know that some of our biggest dude ranch fans are couples, families, and vacationers who have also tried many other all-inclusive vacations, such as cruises. But, once they give up their deck chairs for dusty spurs, it’s hard to go back to the ho-hum vacation.

Here are a few common replies our avid sea-goer turned dude-rancher enthusiasts have to say:

Coming to Colorado Puts You on Solid Ground

On a cruise, you might spend entire days seeing little but water. On our ranches, you’ll have some of the world’s most gorgeous scenery as the backdrop to every activity and adventure. Plus, being on solid ground means no ocean storms or sea sickness!

By doing without these troubles, you can be free to simply enjoy yourself while spending time with your family. Isn’t that the best part of any vacation?


There’s Nothing Like Down to Earth Good Times

If you’ve been through one cruise, you’ve been through them all. It seems like every ship has the same buffet, the same crowded dining halls, and the same run of the mill entertainers. After a day or two, it’s easy to feel as if you’re going through the motions rather than actually making the most of your vacation.

On a Colorado dude ranch, however, every day brings something new. There’s horseback riding, archery, zip lines, trap shooting, and numerous other activities. Or, if you want to break from all the action, you can relax on the porch swing, sit by the pool or take a soak in the hot tub, and enjoy the fresh baked goodies that are constantly on hand near the kitchen. No matter what you choose, there’s no chance you’ll fall into a rut.


Your Bill Won’t be a Bottomless Sea

As anyone who has set foot on a cruise ship could tell you, it’s not unusual for these types of vacations to be advertised with low, low prices, only to find that the true cost climbs dramatically once you’ve gotten on board. Between activity fees and other “extras,” you could easily end up paying thousands more than you expected.

In contrast, booking a vacation to Colorado dude Ranch is an entirely transparent process. There aren’t any up charges, and items like tax and typical gratuity are included in your quote before you ever pay. You’ll never feel financially seasick when staying with us.


You’ll Have Room to Roam

From the crowded decks and dining areas to the extremely cramped quarters, cruise ship guests often feel like they are rushing through a crowd to make it from one pre-scheduled appointment to another. That doesn’t leave much time or space to breathe, and sleeping in a shoebox isn’t likely to leave you feeling refreshed or free.

Under the open Western sky, our properties have big lodges, cozy cabins, and rooms of all sizes in between. No matter which one you choose, though, you’ll never feel as if you’re being squeezed in or shuffled about. Everything is about enjoying fresh air, open space, and the freedom to do whatever brings you joy.

Visiting a working ranch in Colorado is one of the few once-and-a-lifetime experiences you can repeat again and again. While every cruise might seem like the same trip with different scenery, you’ll never have the same ranch adventure twice. Why not book your next getaway today and see for yourself why so many families are trading in their flip flops for cowboy boots.



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