Get Off Your High Horse: 4 Other Fun Things to do on a Colorado Dude Ranch

Mention a Colorado dude ranch adventure vacation, and the first thing that will come to most people’s minds is horseback riding on a serene mountain trail. That’s understandable – we have families who visit us simply because they want to be around our favorite four-legged staff members. Interacting with horses is lots of fun, and great for the spirit.

However, what sometimes gets lost in this imagery is all the other fun and exciting things there are to do on a working ranch. For instance, even if you love horseback riding and want your kids or grandkids to experience it, we are guessing you’ll also enjoy our other attractions and activities. These include…

#1 Zip Lines – if horseback riding is a fun way to enjoy the perfect mountain crisp air and flawless scenery, then zip lines are ideal for getting your pulse moving and watching the world fly by beneath your feet. Whether you and your kids are seasoned extreme athletes, or first-time adventurers in search of a thrill, the zip line courses you’ll find on our Colorado dude ranches are guaranteed to put a smile on your face… and a few extra beats in your pulse.

#2 Archery – archery isn’t just a sport that is centuries old, it’s a skill that requires focus, precision, and the ability to make dozens of small adjustments at a time. It’s also a fun and healthy way for families to engage in a bit of friendly competition while picking up a new skill. Like horseback riding, archery is a past time that many guests keep up with long after their Colorado ranch vacations have ended. Watch your first arrow find its way towards a bullseye and you might discover your hooked for life!

#3 Feeding and Petting Animals – in addition to horses, we have dogs, cats, cows, goats, and even bison to interact with. Many of these animals can be fed and petted as part of your vacation experience. For those who are used to city life, being so close to these creatures can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially for young kids. It can also leave families feeling closer to nature, and make for some truly memorable photographs.

#4 Arts and Crafts – at a working ranch in Colorado, the best souvenirs are often the ones you create yourself. After a long day on the trails, or enjoying other activities, many of our guests like to learn things like weaving, jewelry-making, and leatherwork. These hobbies are both calming and inexpensive, making them the perfect complement to all the other amenities and action-packed attractions we have to offer.

Colorado dude ranch vacations will probably always be known for horseback riding, but don’t forget we have so much more. If you’re interested in learning what’s waiting for you and your family, click here now to see some of our properties and research your next family getaway!


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