Planning an Adventure Vacation? Don’t Forget the Amenities!

First-time visitors tend to think visiting a Colorado dude ranch is all about “roughing it.” Riding horses and beating the dusty trail must mean sleeping out under the open sky and eating canned food from an open fire… right?

While you certainly could spend your vacation that way, most of our guests prefer to have a bit of adventure during the day and enjoy all the comforts of home – and then some – at night, and in the downtime between activities. In fact, many of our ranches are known for their wonderful amenities. And sometimes, those little pieces of relaxation and luxury can make all the difference.

Wondering what kinds of amenities we offer? We are glad you asked. At a Colorado Dude Ranch, you can enjoy…


Private Cabins and Lodge Housing

Whether you’re looking for your own private getaway, or to spend a few nights in a resort-quality room, you can find the perfect set of rooms at our working ranches. We have accommodations that can meet the needs of any size family, from standalone cabins for small groups and larger homes that could easily rival luxury ski lodges for ambiance.


Gourmet, Farm-to-Fork Dinners

There’s nothing quite like a fresh meal prepared from scratch. While many of the top chefs in major cities across the US talk about “Farm to Fork” dinners, few of them can come close to matching our kitchens when it comes to taste and authenticity. From the rustic to the elegant, our cooks prepare Western culinary favorites in a way that is sure to get your mouthwatering.


Pools and Hot Tubs

Families who come to visit our working ranches sometimes like to take a day off from the festivities to lounge by the pool and enjoy the serene setting, or to get a bit of swimming in during the evenings. And, lots of parents love the fact that they can spend time as a couple, soaking in our hot tubs after an exciting day riding trails and showing their kids a whole new world. If you think no vacation is complete without a bit of pool or hot tub time, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our Colorado ranches.


Postcard-Quality Views

Ask anyone who has been to a Colorado dude ranch, and they’ll tell you great scenery can be an underrated amenity all on its own. If you’ve never woken up to the fresh Western air, with the peaks of the Rockies so close you could almost reach out and grab them, then you don’t know what it can do for your mood and perspective.


Why choose between having an adventure and enjoying the fine meals and modern amenities you love? What good reason could there be to put a limit on the enjoyment you can get from a family vacation that’s supposed to take you away from the stress of day-to-day life? If you want to have fun, and treat yourself to something special, consider booking a Colorado dude ranch getaway today!


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