How to Plan the Perfect Family Adventure Vacation

There are a lot of different types of family vacations, and each of them can be enjoyable. But, sometimes a theme park, a trip to the beach, or a week with relatives just won’t cut it… once in a while you and your kids need a touch of adventure.

Adventure can come in many different shapes and forms, though, and things get trickier when you’re bringing the whole family along for the ride. But planning a family vacation doesn’t mean you have to settle, or that you can’t please everyone, no matter how young or old.

Here is what we’ve learned about planning the perfect family adventure vacation over years of seeing people visit our Colorado Dude Ranches:

Size and Feel Matter a Lot

Our ranches vary quite a bit in terms of size. A small ranch might accommodate fifteen people at once, giving it a very intimate and personal feel. A larger ranch, on the other hand, might have room for up to one hundred guests, meaning there are very likely to be other young people around for your kids to play with.

Additionally, each ranch has its own personality. Often, after narrowing your list down to a few good candidates online, you can find the perfect fit just by calling your best matches and speaking with the people who live and work there.


Make Sure There is Something for Everyone

Perhaps the hardest part about planning a family adventure vacation is finding a destination with activities that will appeal to everyone. If you have teens and younger kids traveling together, for example, you’ll have to ensure there are fun things everyone can do to stay busy.

At a Colorado dude ranch, families can enjoy hiking, swimming, and horseback riding, as well as dozens of other fun ways to spend the day. That variety is key, especially if you’re trying to please kids or family members with very different tastes.


Find the Right Mix of Action and Tranquility

One thing that often gets overlooked in planning and adventure vacation is that too much excitement can actually be a bad thing. After a morning and afternoon spent ziplining or white water rafting, for example, a calming horseback ride on a gentle sloping trail can be the perfect way to take in the sunset.

To make your trip memorable and relaxing, be sure to mix the pulse-racing moments with a bit of downtime and some relaxing breaks.


Don’t Forget About Food and Amenities

Speaking of relaxing, no vacation – adventure-oriented or otherwise – would be complete without the right food and amenities. Colorado dude Ranches offer fresh meals prepared with rustic local cuisine, along with access to swimming pools, golf, and comfortable rooms. Having a great time doesn’t have to mean giving up all the “extras” of a great family trip!


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