Is a Colorado Dude Ranch the Perfect Grandparents Vacation?

Planning the perfect vacation is all about mixing the right destination with the right people. That’s why very few things can be as fun and fulfilling as giving grandparents some face time with their grandkids while mom and dad get away, catch up on work, or just try to remember what it’s like to have a quiet house.

There are a lot of ways to make a grandparents vacation a fun and memorable time, of course, but we think a Colorado dude ranch might be the perfect setting. Here are just a few of the best reasons why…

The West is the Ultimate No-Gadget Zone

It can be frustrating for grandparents, who want to spend quality time connecting with their grandkids, when younger people can’t seem to interact without smartphones and tablets. In the mountains and plains of Colorado, however, the endless sky is a backdrop for everything you do. At a guest ranch, you’ll be amazed at the way kids put down their gadgets and start paying attention to what’s right in front of them.


There Are Activities That Work Together and Apart

On a Colorado dude ranch vacation, there are an endless number of activities grandparents can enjoy together with their kids. Activities like swimming, horseback riding, and crafts are all fun group activities that can be enjoyed by all ages. But, if the grandparents need a rest, kids can take off for hiking, archery, and other action-packed activities that they can enjoy and appreciate on their own or with their wranglers. That means every day can be a pleasure that moves along at its own pace.


Campfires are Perfect for Bonding

One of the best things about having kids spend a vacation with their grandparents is the chance to pass down stories and advice. As our guests could tell you, there’s nothing quite like learning about your family’s history, or finding out about a different era, in front of a campfire or fireplace. There’s just something about a slow calming flame – particularly after a long day spent in the fresh air – that encourages bonding and helps to build lasting memories.


You Can Have a Great Trip While Skipping the Hassles of Travel

Grandparents tell us again and again that they love the fact that Colorado is a convenient travel destination. They can bring their grandkids out to the open West, and into an entirely different world, without having to spend a whole day on an airplane or deal with the hassles of long-arrange travel. If you’re looking for a perfect relaxing and adventure travel destination that’s close enough to be convenient, a Colorado dude ranch might be the ideal answer.

If you’re looking for the ultimate trip to take with your grandkids, consider heading out west to a Colorado dude ranch. We’ve got everything you need for a fun, comfortable vacation, with just enough adventure to bring two different generations together!


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